Wilderealm Part III Complete!  

Wilderealm III has officially come to an end, and we can honestly say this was the best Wilderealm yet! Thanks so much to everyone who came out to a show, grabbed some merch, put us up for the night, or simply hung out with us - You guys are why we do what we do, and we appreciate every one of you <3 

Aether Realm, you are obviously our best tour buddies, and its kind of amazing we aren't all sick of each other after 3 full tours, but I think we can agree that Wilderealm IV is in our future 💪 

And with that, here's a picture of us with our friend Deeds 250 feet below the earth! Cheers!



We are very stoked to once again be hitting the road with our buddies in Æther Realm this coming February and March!


Feb 15th - Raleigh, NC at The Pourhouse  
Feb 16th - Charlotte, NC at The Milestone  
Feb 17th - Asheville, NC at The Mothlight  
Feb 18th - Atlanta, GA at The Drunken Unicorn  
Feb 19th - Tampa, FL at The Brass Mug  
Feb 21st - Houston, TX at The White Swan Live  
Feb 22nd - Austin, TX at TBA  
Feb 23rd - Dallas, TX at TBA  
Feb 26th - St. Louis, MO at The Sinkhole  
Feb 27th - Chicago, IL at TBA  
Feb 28th - Louisville, KY at Mag Bar  
March 1st - Chattanooga, TN at Ziggy's  
March 2nd - Huntsville, AL at Coppertop  

Poster art by Æther Realm's very own Tyler Gresham

Pints Raised  

We wish to thank all the guys in The Dread Crew of Oddwood, as well as everyone who came out to a show, for making our tour such a success.  We certainly hope to do it again soon.  But for now, we're looking forward to a much needed respite to recharge our creative energy.  New aural excursions await! 

"Emerald" Cover Released 

We've just released our cover of "Emerald" by Thin Lizzy.  This song was chosen as a Kickstarter reward on our last campaign.  Thanks to David Melanson for his contribution, and for choosing this excellent and classic song.  

WildeRealm Tour II coming to the East Coast this summer 

We are touring the eastern coast of North America again this summer with our good friends in Æther Realm for the WildeRealm II tour. This will mark the first time we perform in Canada so we hope to see all our Canadian fans at these shows. We will have new merch for sale and will be performing songs from Sleep at the Edge of the Earth for the first time ever live. Come join us on what will surely be an unforgettable tour!

See poster for dates.